Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Art 4    Sgraffito

Sgraffito PP

Getting Started..........

View the Power Point for more information about the Sgraffito process.

Then Use the "Zentangle" Website to help you create a design for skill development that you  will complete on a small clay slab.

Official Zentangle Website

Sgraffito Examples

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Art 2 Exam Period:  "Birds Research"

Mrs. Brisby Helps Jeremy the Crow

Pinterest: Ceramic Birds

Use the following links to research your "bird" for your clay sculpture.

Copy and Paste your resources  (images) into your personal slide (s) and then print out your images.
Several images can be placed on one page--Remember our sketchbooks are rather small.

--At least 2 images of your chosen "bird" images.
--At least 2 images of textures that you wish to consider as surface treatments.
--At least 2 images of ceramic sculptures that "inspire" you.  See suggested links below.

Cut and paste your images in your sketchbooks.  Then draw:

--one sketch of your bird (at least)
--one of a texture (at least)

When you have completed these tasks and you are satisfied that you have a good plan for your bird sculpture, Fill out the Planning Rubric and print it.  Place it in your sketch book and turn it in.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Photogram "eye-candy" Research

Using the assignment sheet below, research more about the "Photogram" process.

Find an artist and photogram image that you like.  Using google docs, "copy and paste" an image
you like. (Insert image)

Underneath the image, copy and paste the questions in "Photogram Research."  Answer the questions in a thoughtful and complete manner.  (Use complete sentences, proper grammar and punctuation.)

Please use spell check, too.  Make sure that your name and class period is on your doc.  Share it with me via email

Photogram Research

Example Assignment

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cinderella's Revenge

Cinderella’s Revenge
Objects of daily use are the subject of even the most favored and highly desirable artwork. Shoes are familiar, recognizable and necessary objects around the world.  Even though a shoe is a necessary and functional object, it can be decorated, colored, shaped and crafted in hundreds of different ways.
Visit this site and look at the history of shoes to get a really good idea of variety and design constants through the ages.
SHOES become…..
  • wings (butterfly, bird, angel….etc)
  • elevated platforms
  • an animal
  • architectural, buildings, castles, skyscrapers, etc
  • People (Mr. and Mrs., guy and gal, ying and yang, opposites, etc.)
  • conceptual (anti-something, making a statement, etc)
  • Time-specific (roaring 20’s, pop art 60’s, seventies etc.)
  • re-incarnation of famous artwork or time period
  • Portrait of yourself
Your assignment:  Transform one shoe into an original piece of art.
Begin with a real shoe.  Use it as a blank canvas.  Attach, cut away, (Manipulate) embellish with additional objects, paint, collage, photographs, etc. to create a specific original idea.
1.    Research:  Take notes and sketch ideas as you go.
2.    Develop a theme/idea/source of inspiration.
For example, you may explore a period in art history, a particular culture, or create some type of social statement, or express a particular belief. You may also interpret a pun or saying like, “Walk a mile in my shoes”; “If the shoe fits….”, or any other quotable quote. You can just paint the shoe or boot with designs that work toward your theme, but try to experiment and push your ideas into an interesting 3-dimensional piece with a theme, interesting message, or interpretation. It can become a sculpture within itself. The shoe does not have to be an adult shoe, but try to use a style that works with your overall theme. You may use two if the theme requires it.
3.    You will have to prime the shoe like a canvas. Use gesso, or any household white primer. You will need to use acrylic paint for this project. You can use the craft paint, as long as it is acrylic. If you wish a gloss finish, you can use gloss medium to coat it. There are also sprays that can give a glossy finish as well.
Search the web, and look at the book, Cinderella’s Revenge.  Look at the Bata Shoe Museum, and other listed websites.  Then create some sketches of your ideas.  The art department has many, many materials.  Make a list of materials needed in addition to your sketches.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Copy and Paste three different sky images with clouds:

1. Daylight--obvious cloud formations--blue sky

2. Sunrise or sunset with dramatic clouds and color

3. Clouds at night with moon and stars

Put them in the Google Presentation linked here.  These will be the images you will use as a resource for your "Cloud" Series (oil paintings).  Make sure you put your name in the title box at the top.  Use a single frame for each image if possible without destroying the resolution of the image.
Cloud Presentation

Monday, February 10, 2014

Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards—ATC’S


Use the internet to discover more about Artist Trading Cards. Take notes on your own copy of this handout......

    --where/when came about


-Why Made?

-For what are they used?

Look at Examples:  Find one you like and copy/paste it into the Google Presentation for your class period.  Make sure to include your name in the title box.

You will create a “suite” of four cards exploring the over-arching theme of Identity.

Theme:  Personal Identity

1.  Make a portrait of the person you think everyone sees most    of the time.

2.  Make a portrait of the person you might want to be.

3.  Make a portrait of the person you don’t want to be

4.  Make a portrait of the person deep inside of you that no one has seen.

On the back of this paper, make four lists of words or phrases that correspond with these different “portraits” for you.

Use the lists to help determine the specific attributes that you will illustrate when you create your ATC’s.